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The role of juries eBook

Students are able to engage with this eBook for a self-paced exploration of the role played by juries in decision-making in criminal trials in South Australia.

Making decisions is an important aspect of daily life. The decisions made by juries in courts of law impact not only the lives of those appearing in courts, but the broader community.

The key concept underpinning this resource is that shared decision making is a better way to make informed decisions. Through the content in this resource students can explore the role of juries, their evolution, how they are selected and their relative merits as an example of shared decision making.

Students will compare their ideas with those of others, which will inform their own world view. An interactive task will enable them to discuss the relative merits of prospective jurors when cast in the role as lawyers involved in the jury empaneling process.

Topics covered:

  • The role of juries and brief history of their evolution
  • The right to trial by jury
  • Jury selection and composition

This eBook program can be complemented by a visit to the Law Courts.

Download The role of juries teacher support resource for further information and link to the eBook.

Download the eBook here