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Changing Places Facilitated Workshop

The Migration Museum is committed to telling the stories of people who live these significant changes. The exhibition Changing Places shares migration stories of some of the newest South Australians.

Who is migrating to South Australia right now? Where are migrants coming from, and why? How is migration experienced? How does government policy shape migration journeys?

These simple questions have very complex answers.

Patterns of migration to South Australia have changed significantly in the last fifteen years, the most dramatic being temporary migration overtaking permanent migration.  The countries from which we draw migrants, both temporary and permanent, have changed, with India, China and the United Kingdom now our major source countries. Recent geopolitical events have impacted on Australia’s treatment and acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers.

It is recommended that students have some understanding of the push and pull actors of migration and the role of war in migration prior to the workshop.

The following resources are provided for pre-visit information:

Changing Places Curator’s talk

Arioma and Dwei.story